Make Your Jeans Work with Every Show in your Closet
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"For the days you want to switch from heels to flats"

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Change your hem as often as you change your shoes!

Now your favorite jeans will work with every shoe in your closet, saving you money. And it’s not just for hems, use on lapels, belts and pockets without a stitch. Perfectly hem a skirt or tighten a shirt. Snap up tattered cuffs to give those pants new life, or close revealing gaps or blazers. Style Snaps is budget friendly for growing kids – now your kids can even share clothes. Style Snaps unique adhesive makes them adjustable, reusable, and safe on any fabric. And because they’re not permanent, you can change your hem as often as you change your shoes.

Style Snaps couldn’t be easier, just peel off the backing of the style snaps and place them wherever you want you want your hem, and SNAP, SNAP, SNAP.

Great for lapels, belts and shirts

Q: Are Style Snaps reusable?

A: That's what great about Style Snaps, they're completely reusable – just grab the adhesive and the plastic strip and remove then together slowly – it's that simple and reuse when you need them!

Q: Are Style Snaps only for pants?

A: Style Snaps are so versatile - they’re great for pants, shorts, skirts, jackets, shirts and even belts. Style Snaps saves you money and time – no more tailors, gluing or ironing!

Q: What types of pants can I use my Style Snaps on?

A: Style Snaps are great. You can use them on almost any type of pants or trousers. They are great on corduroy, denim, polyester and even wool – just peel the backing, place them wherever you want and hem!

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no sewing, no ironing, no gluing